Tech / Tunes links 8.4.07 – Up and Atom

by Josh Kimball

*Ypulse’s Mashup 2007 tells the world how teens consume music. Since the video isn’t really readily shareable, though, they apparently don’t want too many people to see this(?).
*eHope you like jammin’, too. Another online musical performance collaboration tool: eJamming.
*120,000 people have downloaded the beta version of the BBC’s iPlayer, despite complaints about the technology’s excessive Microsoft coziness.
*Would you mind buying a license to share music files? Quote: “People should pay less for less.” [via]
*Rippin’ cool iPod dock in the shape of a dirigible.
*Like Revver for music videos (but maybe without all the CEO firings?): YourMelodyTV lets music video makers promote their videos and monetize eyeballs. [via]
*Billboard will include data from streaming music users as part of its Hot 100 calculations. [via]
*Social media expedite musical discovery and listener experimentation.