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All you need is luvs

The Beatles tune “All You Need Is Love” has been, of late, used in a TV commercial to sell diapers (lyrics changed to “All you need is Luvs”). The London Times writes about the kerfuffle, offering this amusing tidbit: “A Dutch fan said that if Lennon was still alive he would be an advocate of washable cotton nappies.”

Vintage audio: Tapes and tapes

Designboom on the culture of cassette tapes. [via]

These guys sell very specific cassette tape belt buckles: Blank Sony tapes (sold out!), Bobby Brown, Bob Seger, even Prince and Tears for Fears.

Also: the cassette tape wallet.

Also: cassette tape MP3 player (not that sexy).

But THIS is sexy. Totally freakin’ awesome cassette tape-playing video follows!

Tech / tunes links 8.6.07 – Look, but don’t make your eyes strain

*Amazon leads a round of funding for Amie Street, a variable-price digital music distributor who, based on anecdotal evidence, sends out a LOT of e-mails. [via]
*The New York Times busts Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes (the magazine who said the iPhone sucks!) as Fake Steve Jobs, the author of The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. He has a novel forthcoming, so he wasn’t too mad about getting caught.
*Nerdcore (rhyming on the subject of mathematics, calculators and Weird Al) takes the spotlight once again in the Times.
*The Guardian reports on Daring Fireball‘s pithy translations of PRspeak, pro-Appleness. Water wet.
*Entertainment Weekly‘s take on the top 25 love songs. Sam Cooke, Beach Boys, the hated U2, Elvis and Guns ‘N’ Roses all make the list. No BEP’s “My Humps”?
*Have worked with (and am friends with on Twitter) this dude. I was a little too weirded out to follow the tweets closely when his wife was in labor, though…
*Recommendation engine goodness: An analysis of progress toward the Netflix $1M prize.
*Rock is dead again. This time it’s being killed by people over 30 taking their kids to concerts. Couldn’t that just be an indication that audiences are getting so young they need chaperones – who push strollers?