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Vintage audio: Soundwave cassette player

Not only is this AWE-INSPIRING, it is also INCREDIBLY SOOTHING. (Sound on OR off!)

[VIA] the execrable local: Tay Zonday, Okkervil River

[For the record, I think all the local is execrable.]

*According to his MySpace page, Tay Zonday will be performing “Chocolate Rain” on Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. [via]
*Hear Okkervil River’s latest album (which The A.V. Club thought kinda sucked) streamed on their MySpace page. [via]

What does it mean?


1) YES, it looks a lot like M.I.A.’s website.

2) What does it mean? If historical data (previous graphologists’ opinions and the like) are to be trusted, the colorful graph most probably concludes that I have lame taste in music.

3) Harshly judge your own taste in music here, using this incredibly colorful Top 50 grapher. Plus, more info about the tool that shows you your Top 50’s In Time.

UPDATE: Please note that the Black Eyed Peas came in at 34th place. Though I have very little idea what that means, it seems respectable.

Tech / tunes links 8.7.07 – Drowned in a dirty old pan of oil

*Microsoft wins mp3 patent case, throwing out a lower court’s jury verdict. This means you can keep listening to mp3s.
*To that end, we can begin inculcating the next generation: an mp3 player for the 0-3 set.
*SoundExchange (the peeps who collect online radio royalties) was caught funding political activities – which they’re not really allowed to do.
*Pitchfork and M.I.A. squabbling! Could not be anything but annoying.
*Amusing slide show of artists responsible for the 90s’ worst songs. Included are Billy Ray Cyrus (father of Hannah Montana!), Limp Bizkit and Hootie and the Blowfish.
*Wired helps undergrads learn the do’s and don’t’s of filesharing. One of their tips: “bribe the existing nerd ringleaders.”
*Top 100 country songs. Old school.
*Nerd hack of the day: Guitar Hero axe made out of Legos. Oooh, plus the air guitar wristband. And more nerd music mashing: A Commodore media player.
*Dylan covers from the likes of Sufjan Stevens on the way? Speculation on the double-disc soundtrack to forthcoming Todd Haynes Dylan biopic “I’m Not There.”
*Dell buys Zing, the company that provides the platform for the Sansa Connect mobile music player.
*Josh Spear thinks the iPhone sucks.