Tech / tunes links 8.7.07 – Drowned in a dirty old pan of oil

by Josh Kimball

*Microsoft wins mp3 patent case, throwing out a lower court’s jury verdict. This means you can keep listening to mp3s.
*To that end, we can begin inculcating the next generation: an mp3 player for the 0-3 set.
*SoundExchange (the peeps who collect online radio royalties) was caught funding political activities – which they’re not really allowed to do.
*Pitchfork and M.I.A. squabbling! Could not be anything but annoying.
*Amusing slide show of artists responsible for the 90s’ worst songs. Included are Billy Ray Cyrus (father of Hannah Montana!), Limp Bizkit and Hootie and the Blowfish.
*Wired helps undergrads learn the do’s and don’t’s of filesharing. One of their tips: “bribe the existing nerd ringleaders.”
*Top 100 country songs. Old school.
*Nerd hack of the day: Guitar Hero axe made out of Legos. Oooh, plus the air guitar wristband. And more nerd music mashing: A Commodore media player.
*Dylan covers from the likes of Sufjan Stevens on the way? Speculation on the double-disc soundtrack to forthcoming Todd Haynes Dylan biopic “I’m Not There.”
*Dell buys Zing, the company that provides the platform for the Sansa Connect mobile music player.
*Josh Spear thinks the iPhone sucks.