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It’s been a while since I blogged beards (including an especially long drought for Talibeards). Enter Beardcore. [via] The site, whose motto is “Folklore for the Hardcore” has been around since 2004, celebrating bearded citizens and the possibilties of the beard in general. Famous beards are enumerated (Aristotle, Freud, Rob Zombie) and the site maintains a MySpace page and sells attractive beard apparel (though no fake beards).

What is lacking, of course, is any mention of Talibeards (a fairly new phenomenon – or, at least a new term for an old beard – in the Western world). Also, there is no beard news, per se, so the James Hetfield airport non-detention is not mentioned.

However, the organization’s charter bears reposting here:

Beardcore is for those of you who:
have a beard
aspire to have a beard
like beards
love beards
think beards are hot
think beards rock
are hardcore in general

It is that last condition (general hardcoreness) that makes Beardcore the kind of community I want to be a part of. FOREVER.

Vintage audio video: Phonograph

Jack Hylton and His Orchestra performing “Little White Lies.”

INCREDIBLY SOOTHING. And highly recommended with the sound ON.

They Looza’d. So you don’t have to.

This Flickr set wonderfully catalogs various t-shirts seen at Lollapalooza in Chicago. [via]

1034866869_c068f3bde7.jpg [via]

How was the Ooza?

*AT&T may have cut Eddie Vedder’s mic as he sang anti-Bush lyrics (to the tune of “Another Brick in the Wall”).
*Says Bol: “I realize it’s entirely indefensible, but I still consider myself a somewhat more than pedestrian fan of Silverchair.” WEIRD.
*Pop Candy has a monster post on shows and parties, and blogger Whitney even Twittered her entire Chicago trip.

Finally, Daft Punk’s “Face to Face” complete with madly flashing green pyramid FX.

Glad I didn’t have to go.

Tech / tunes links 8.8.07 – If you find yourself falling apart

*SpiralFrog, who’s had a rough run, says they’re read to go live, and will offer free ad-supported music downloads sometime this year. Beta has launched. [via]
*The 25 best opening lyrics. Highlight: “Go, shorty! It’s your birthday.” [via]
*Hip-hop violin by Paul Dateh. (Still, he’s no Miri Ben-Ari.)
*The RIAA spent $658,000 on lobbying in the first half of this year. [via]
*Video interview with Fake Steve Jobs Daniel Lyons. Preceded by a way-annoying number of commercials.
*The Freakonomics blog has been snatched up by the New York Times. (This as it’s become apparent that Forbes will swallow the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Also, Treehugger, which is a little different deal, was recently purchased by Discovery.) Interesting in that in my (admittedly know-nothing) opinion, the Freakonomics blog has been awful for the past 6+ months. I consider taking it out of my feed reader about every other day.
*Minesweeper: The Movie. [via]