Tech / tunes links 8.8.07 – If you find yourself falling apart

by Josh Kimball

*SpiralFrog, who’s had a rough run, says they’re read to go live, and will offer free ad-supported music downloads sometime this year. Beta has launched. [via]
*The 25 best opening lyrics. Highlight: “Go, shorty! It’s your birthday.” [via]
*Hip-hop violin by Paul Dateh. (Still, he’s no Miri Ben-Ari.)
*The RIAA spent $658,000 on lobbying in the first half of this year. [via]
*Video interview with Fake Steve Jobs Daniel Lyons. Preceded by a way-annoying number of commercials.
*The Freakonomics blog has been snatched up by the New York Times. (This as it’s become apparent that Forbes will swallow the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Also, Treehugger, which is a little different deal, was recently purchased by Discovery.) Interesting in that in my (admittedly know-nothing) opinion, the Freakonomics blog has been awful for the past 6+ months. I consider taking it out of my feed reader about every other day.
*Minesweeper: The Movie. [via]