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(I sometimes wonder if I’m addicted to the internet.)

A 5-minute trailer for the incredibly popular site PostSecret. Not a single baby-daddy, asthmatic, midget stripper hiding under a kitchen cabinet, but still very compelling.

Metalfilter: Number of the Beast cover

A very good touchy-feely, acoustic cover of metal classic “Number of the Beast” by Satan Presley. The original, of course, was performed in a very angry manner by Iron Maiden. Jason Schwartzman is in the video.

The Independent Film Channel’s GM on R. Kelly’s TitC

The general manager of the Independent Film Channel sees fit to comment on why the cable channel will be posting the next 10 parts (parts 13-22) of R. Kelly’s brilliant, absurd music video cycle, “Trapped in the Closet.”

“Perhaps…it’s the way that Kelly pits the most influential, stereotyped elements of black pop culture – the religious figure, the ex-con, the down-low homosexual, the cop, the ignored woman and, yes, the hip-hop star – against each other in an irreconcilable moral conflict.

Perhaps it’s because “Trapped” takes the traditional production values of a music video and turns them on their head. There’s no hit single; there’s no cute hook or catchy lyric… The focus is on story and character, usually at the expense of a hummable tune.”

I think the series remains compelling for one other, very particular reason: it represents raw artistic vision at its best – which is to say, at its most willfully ignorant. Crash!

There goes gravity

The A.V. Club mashes up Eminem and Fellini to create a trailer for 8 1/2 Mile.

Tech / tunes links 8.12.07 – From brunch to eternity

*Source code for Facebook’s main index page leaked on a blog that looks like it was created expressly for the purpose of publishing the information, Facebook Secrets. According to TechCrunch, Facebook says the code got out due to a server bug, and no private info was compromised.
*Bono speaking at TED. Brought to you by BMW. What could be more fitting? Despite any worldly good he might do, my dislike for Bono is INTENSE. [via]
*August 9th was Frank Zappa Day in Baltimore.
*The Times does a case study (of one Bun B and one Pimp C) on how rappers can age gracefully. The key: Don’t change.
*50 Cent says he’ll stop making records if Kanye West’s album Graduation outsells his own Curtis. I’m totally digging the restrained linguistic aesthetic of the one-pedestrian-word hip-hop album title. [via]
*Luxe-a-palooza: The Christian Science Monitor reports on an uptick in luxury options for usually filthy music festivals.