Tech / tunes links 8.12.07 – From brunch to eternity

by Josh Kimball

*Source code for Facebook’s main index page leaked on a blog that looks like it was created expressly for the purpose of publishing the information, Facebook Secrets. According to TechCrunch, Facebook says the code got out due to a server bug, and no private info was compromised.
*Bono speaking at TED. Brought to you by BMW. What could be more fitting? Despite any worldly good he might do, my dislike for Bono is INTENSE. [via]
*August 9th was Frank Zappa Day in Baltimore.
*The Times does a case study (of one Bun B and one Pimp C) on how rappers can age gracefully. The key: Don’t change.
*50 Cent says he’ll stop making records if Kanye West’s album Graduation outsells his own Curtis. I’m totally digging the restrained linguistic aesthetic of the one-pedestrian-word hip-hop album title. [via]
*Luxe-a-palooza: The Christian Science Monitor reports on an uptick in luxury options for usually filthy music festivals.