More links. Because the energy is still within me.

by Josh Kimball

*John Lennon’s solo stuff will be sold DRM-free through iTunes. Also, the Wu Tang Clan plans on covering the Beatles. Wu covering the Beatles, everyone taking a crack at Dylan for the biopic soundtrack – apparently it’s the month for covering the Baby Boomer canon.
*I posted an interview Slyck did with a Limewire associate about a month back, in which Limewire said they were working on a legal music-selling store to complement their P2P service. It’s here. [via]
*Shoutmouth takes a position on who the 50 Hottest Women in Music are. [via]
*In addition to showing up on the “I’m Not There” soundtrack, The Hold Steady will be appearing on the soundtrack for…”The Nanny Diaries!”
*The Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem will release a “split 7-inch single.” 7-inch? Wha?