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Word Jazzy commercials

Previously, I wrote about my extremely unfashionable liking for Ken Nordine’s Word Jazz. I AM NOW DOING SO AGAIN. Despite serious rooting (maybe 15 minutes of it) I was able to uncover only a disappointing number of commercials featuring his voiceover work on YouTube. But onward. (IF THIS DOES NOT SOOTHE YOU, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HELP.)

For tourism in Wales:

For Levi’s:

For natural gas (not that trippy):

And, of course, some non-commercial Word Jazz:

Glamorous, Harry Potter style

Fergie Ferg’s “Glamorous,” as interpreted by a Harry Potter enthusiast / maker of fan videos.

Apparently, Harry Potter fanfickers are not only prolific, but sometimes entertaining, as well (Cat Power!).

Tech / tunes links 8.15.07 – The Imposter

*I like the Crank That jumbotron – a LOT. (This is how I dance after 4.5 martinis.) Also, who even watches one YouTube vid at a time anymore? For me, it’s 3 simultaneously, minimum.
*EMI outsources its marketing to Saatchi & Saatchi.
*Nine Inch Nails’ new album Year Zero may be turned into a television series.
*The soundtrack for “The Darjeeling Limited,” Wes Anderson’s new movie, has been partially revealed. (I had no idea that cinematic soundtrack sleuthing was so competitive!)
*Virtual world creator Doppelganger scores $11M in venture capital funding. When I visited the Virtual Lower East Side (very early on), many more than half the “players” bumbling around in there were employed by either the VLES creators or the $ men. [via]
*Crave brings us this wonder: a Speak & Spell modded to work with an iPod.
*The New York Times writes about cellphone concert promotions; how text messaging and the Always On mentality have changed concerts. Band of Horses must be PISSED. Also: The article mentions the possibility of a Beyonce-themed phone…
*Live Nation is widgetizing. Bloggers and Facebookers will be able to put the LN widget on their page, where peeps can find concert info and buy tix from it. [via]
*Explore Dan Deacon’s soundboard – keyboards, mixers, huge glasses, a big gut and a shitload of buzzes, beeps and neon. Also: B(5). [via]