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Neo-Shakespearianism, or Why I Loved Deadwood

I would like to recommend the video that follows, and indeed the trifecta of videos edited by this talented YouTube director. Three episodes of Deadwood, each distilled down to its swearing. NSFW, obvs. [via]


You can watch all three at once here, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.



You may have previously seen this Lebowski EFF OFF. Which is not safe for work. And amusing.

Trapped in the Closet with some IFC geek

New York mag covers the official premiere party for R. Kelly’s deliciously absurd and retarded “Trapped in the Closet” video series (where Michael Portnoy, aka SOY BOMB, apparently made an appearance!).

The series continues apace, with chapters 13-22 produced, and now strangely debuting on the website of the Independent Film Channel. Prior to each episode Kelly sits with some nerdy IFC dude, drawing out the plot points he believes to be salient. While many people have wondered aloud why the IFC has taken on TitC, I keep thinking the exact opposite. The series appearing in this context (or in any context, for my money) – with Kelly offering jocular commentary and nearly mocking his own work (please leave that to others) only detracts from the STRANGENESS and acontextuality that make the series worth watching at all (and it IS worth watching. I mean, come on.). This 20+ part music video opera is exactly the kind of endeavor YouTube’s the ideal place for. Leave couch-sitting, the IFC geek, and the entire director’s commentary for the bonus materials section of the DVD, and let’s keep this thing acontextually absurd, as it is meant to be.

Links: SO DRAB

*“How Guitar Hero Saved Guitar Music” on Machinist. [via]
*Nerd heaven: Via Mashable, YuDoMagic is a video aggregating site for magicians. AWESOME.
*Musicane has a widget that sells DRM-free music from…yes…uh huh…innovatively punctuated Black Eyed Pea Will.I.Am. What’s interesting (in addition to this being the Black Eyed Peas) is that they’re doing revenue sharing for bloggers and soc-netters who embed the widget on their sites and sell music. Love it: Expect to see a Will.I.Am ListeNerd widget within days. [via]

Tech / tunes links 8.16.07 – The Office Edition (shortened, for your pleasure)

*I’m dancing for the man today, so the links will come in drips and drabs. Yes, drabs.
*A new album, “Guilt By Association,” gets clever indie kids to record their guilty musical pleasures. Includes Devendra Banhart singing “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (which I don’t even feel that guilty about), in addition to Will Oldham singing Mariah Carey’s “Can’t Take That Away.” Listen. [via]
*I am required by law to post every article Clive Thompson ever writes. “Why New Yorkers Last Longer.”
*The head of, Denis Kvasov, has been found not guilty of copyright infringement in a Russian court. [via]
*The execrable local (but good this time!): Tay Zonday interviewed by Flak; transcript (recommended) and MP3.