Tech / tunes links 8.16.07 – The Office Edition (shortened, for your pleasure)

by Josh Kimball

*I’m dancing for the man today, so the links will come in drips and drabs. Yes, drabs.
*A new album, “Guilt By Association,” gets clever indie kids to record their guilty musical pleasures. Includes Devendra Banhart singing “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (which I don’t even feel that guilty about), in addition to Will Oldham singing Mariah Carey’s “Can’t Take That Away.” Listen. [via]
*I am required by law to post every article Clive Thompson ever writes. “Why New Yorkers Last Longer.”
*The head of, Denis Kvasov, has been found not guilty of copyright infringement in a Russian court. [via]
*The execrable local (but good this time!): Tay Zonday interviewed by Flak; transcript (recommended) and MP3.