Trapped in the Closet with some IFC geek

by Josh Kimball

New York mag covers the official premiere party for R. Kelly’s deliciously absurd and retarded “Trapped in the Closet” video series (where Michael Portnoy, aka SOY BOMB, apparently made an appearance!).

The series continues apace, with chapters 13-22 produced, and now strangely debuting on the website of the Independent Film Channel. Prior to each episode Kelly sits with some nerdy IFC dude, drawing out the plot points he believes to be salient. While many people have wondered aloud why the IFC has taken on TitC, I keep thinking the exact opposite. The series appearing in this context (or in any context, for my money) – with Kelly offering jocular commentary and nearly mocking his own work (please leave that to others) only detracts from the STRANGENESS and acontextuality that make the series worth watching at all (and it IS worth watching. I mean, come on.). This 20+ part music video opera is exactly the kind of endeavor YouTube’s the ideal place for. Leave couch-sitting, the IFC geek, and the entire director’s commentary for the bonus materials section of the DVD, and let’s keep this thing acontextually absurd, as it is meant to be.