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Wow: the PayPerPost Revolution?

I am doing some historical research on blogging. Long story. Day job. Reading the wikipedia entry for “blog,” I came across this section:

“Recently, through the mass popularity of sponsored post ventures such as PayPerPost a massive amount of personal blogs have started writing sponsored posts for advertisers wanting to boost buzz about new products and services. It has revolutionised the blogosphere almost in the same way that Google AdSense did.[16]”

The footnote (which leads nowhere):
“^ Eloquentia, Sponsors and the revolution of the blogosphere.”

Wow. Will have to check this out.

This, again, is Sparta

I enjoy this video not for its mesmerizing techno beats nor its witty lyricism, but for its effortless allusions to a wide range of cultural phenomena, from the Goonies to Flaubert to Saturday Night Live (except maybe not the Flaubert part).

Vintage: both SOOTHING and NEON

This is both very SOOTHING and somewhat TRIPPY.

A 1962 Seeburg DS160 jukebox playing with the lights turned off.

Tech / tunes links 8.17.07 – Edification at your fingertips

*eMusic is still number two in song downloads, with 150 million sold. [via]
*Via everywhere: MTV to pour $500M into games.
*The CD is 25 years old today? [via]
*Petra Haden’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” from the album of indie singers covering their musical guilty pleasures I wrote about yesterday. The video is fantastic, and includes a woman dressed as a fried egg. [via]
*Apparently, every year Second Life has a big Burning Man celebration of its own, Burning Life. [via]
*Mr. Hopkinson’s Computer sings a Pixies song with a live band. [via]
*Read this interview with the dudes from “The Flight of the Conchords.” [via]
*Mashable reports that music sharing and discovery site Grooveshark will launch its beta version later this month. They’ll be rewarding people for community upkeep: fix song tags, earn more than just good karma (though I’m guessing not cold cash).
*Where Are They Now, starring the swimming baby from that one Nirvana album cover and other child album-cover stars. [via Getty Images]