Tech / tunes links 8.18.07 – Must. Keep. Pushing. Forward.

by Josh Kimball

*The Beastie Boys, in support of their most recent album, will do a press event in the virtual world There on Monday. Lily Allen to do one There in September. Unless she has issues getting a visa. [via]
*NowPlayIt is an instructional music site where the artists who wrote the famous (or “famous,” as the case may be) songs give complete video tutorials on how to play them to fans. $8 a lesson; $6 if it’s taught by a nobody rather than the original creator. Obvs, not a lot of high-profile artists have yet sat down to record how-tos yet. [via]
*Engadget finds a wicked cassette tape-looking USB drive to house your mixtapes.
*The execrable local (delicious edition): I’m totally 3 months late on this, but apparently South Minneapolis’ Pumphouse Creamery serves ice cream made from Surly.
*Criticker: A movie recommendation engine + community. (I haven’t played with it much yet, but I can never get enough recommendation in my life.) [via]
*We desperately need this Japan-only cellphone application to come to the States: A celebrity hairstyle simulator. Preview how you’d look with various celebs’ ‘dos on your cellphone screen. (It may be too late for me to fully enjoy, but others could still benefit.)