Tech / tunes links 8.19.07 – Just a thing or two

by Josh Kimball

*The Rock Lighter page, for use at concerts with your internet-enabled phone. Seems like there are now dozens of digi-versions of these. [via]
*I’m not usually one for indiscriminate podcast consumption, but GigaOm interviews Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser.
*A few days ago Salon ran a piece on how Guitar Hero is bringing back guitar music. Now, the New York Times is weighing in on how it thinks the videogame is changing aspiring musicians’ enthusiasms and aspirations.
*Perfect for any baby shower: An album of lullaby covers of Rolling Stones songs such as “Brown Sugar” and “Mother’s Little Helper.”
*Musical beards: Huh. Rob Zombie is directing the next movie in the Halloween franchise.
*Manu Chao exclusive performance on IFC, but unfortunately for the little Dude, the song’s not “Bongo Bong.”
*Superbly named blog Green Pea-Ness argues that the Nintendo DS game Elite Beat Agents is “the single most devastatingly accomplished work of pop-art criticism since Orson Welles’ F For Fake, albeit probably completely inadvertantly.”