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Vintage: a gramophone playing Edith Piaf

Though you can barely see the record spinning, it is still incredibly SOOTHING. I would recommend playing it with the SOUND ON.

A few more links. For fun. Not profit.

*Is this what a radio should look like? Olinda: a prototype for the BBC. [via]
*JamJunky has only been around for three months, but they’ve already been bought by StreetBee, a record label promoter. [via]
*Apparently, the RickRoll is the new Lemon Party. No, I will not link to the lemon party site, nor will I explain it. OK, here it is. Ah. Nevermind.
*Lily Allen’s wit (here unedited) on display on her MySpace page:
“I have called george bush a c**t at pretty much every show i have played over the past year , that is because I think he is one and i stand by that . You can make up your own mind as to whether you agree with me or not , thats just how i feel . Just because i hate george bush doesnt mean I hate america , quite the opposite , I think the US is a great place.”
*Subtly titled Fairmusic is “the first global initiative for fairness and justice in the music business.” Fair music and fair culture sound cool, but fairness and justice in business? [via]

TiTC on the IFC

If you haven’t been paying attention, there are now only 2 segments remaining in this second flight of Trapped it the Closets, and I have to say, it’s been a disappointment. It has all of the broadness of the first 12 episodes, but none of the poignant absurdity. Although there’s somewhat of a Trapped in the Closet reveal in Chapter 20, there is no incontinent, asthmatic midget stripper to be seen. And thus, I am saddened.

Watch the latest here, and tune in over the next couple of days to see if the absurdity can be recalled, and the series can be redeemed.

Tech / tunes links 8.20.07 – The Amani Toomer Edition

*The music recommendation site The Filter has taken $5M in funding, with Peter Gabriel leading the investment round. They’re hoping it’ll eventually recommend much more than just music. Fund this: a recommendation engine to recommend which recommendation engine I should be using.
*Nokia’s music store, an “iTunes competitor,” will launch in Europe this month. They’ll also be introducing a new music-playing phone, the N81. [via]
*Peefork interviews Okkervil River, who speak on John Berryman and American Idol.
*EA Games is adding a feature, powered by the Weather Channel, that will integrate real-world weather into virtual games. It’ll be added to next year’s Madden, too. I’ve heard this is either happening or will happen with some Wii games and World of Warcraft, as well. [via]
*The musico-comedy vast multitudes have voted most fun to send clips of to me via IM (especially Bowie dream sequence clips or John Hodgman-filled clips), Flight of the Conchords, has been renewed by HBO. It was in doubt for a while. David Milch non-cursefest, John from Cincinnati is OUT. [via]
*Also, 17.2 million people watched “High School Musical 2” when it aired on Friday night. An incredible amount. Huh.
*Car brands, including Toyota’s Scion, are launching their own internet radio stations. Hope they’re better than Watch out, SomaFM.