A few more links. For fun. Not profit.

by Josh Kimball

*Is this what a radio should look like? Olinda: a prototype for the BBC. [via]
*JamJunky has only been around for three months, but they’ve already been bought by StreetBee, a record label promoter. [via]
*Apparently, the RickRoll is the new Lemon Party. No, I will not link to the lemon party site, nor will I explain it. OK, here it is. Ah. Nevermind.
*Lily Allen’s wit (here unedited) on display on her MySpace page:
“I have called george bush a c**t at pretty much every show i have played over the past year , that is because I think he is one and i stand by that . You can make up your own mind as to whether you agree with me or not , thats just how i feel . Just because i hate george bush doesnt mean I hate america , quite the opposite , I think the US is a great place.”
*Subtly titled Fairmusic is “the first global initiative for fairness and justice in the music business.” Fair music and fair culture sound cool, but fairness and justice in business? [via]