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Vintage: A microwave, then a phonograph

It begins with a shot of a mounted microwave and a lot of boring talk, but it ends with that sweet, soothing phonographic goodness you love so much. And by SOOTHING, I mean of the SOUND OFF version (especially at the beginning). (The good stuff starts at around the 2:00 mark.)

I’m Not There again.

The real, official “I’m Not There” trailer kind of sucks compared to the unofficial teaser trailer I posted a month+ ago. Check them:

The real:

The good:

Tech / tunes links 8.21.07 – Zero sleep. NONE.

*The really big news of the day: MTV is partnering with Rhapsody, and looks to be abandoning its URGE music store, a venture with Microsoft. MTV will contribute editorial content, including music blogs. This on the heels of recent news of MTV putting $500M into videogames.
* – the site that helped people turn MySpace tunes into MP3s quickly got closed down, but the author of the site’s code is now spreading his seed across the internet. So to speak. [via]
*SlashPhone sounds rightfully excited. A few more pics and details on the Nokia N95 phone that appears to be coming to the States with a U.S. version shortly.
*From Textually comes word of a Japanese device that allows listenerds to control their MP3 players by clenching their teeth!
* is taking its UK music listening data offline, publishing charts on dead wood in Music Week. [via]
*Universal’s DRM-free experiment starts today! And yes, I was right about gBox, one of the startups that’s selling their tunes. You have to be on a Windows machine running Explorer or Firefox to even use the site. Wow.
*Also, the Top 10 Karaoke Songs to Avoid at All Costs. [via]