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Joy Division movie trailer: Control

A trailer for another music-related movie: Anton Corbjin’s “Control” takes on Joy Division.

Vintage: Gramophone (with white glove!)

LOVE the white gloves in this vintage video. They add 100% more soothingness to the proceedings, which are incredibly SOOTHING to begin with (even with the sound on!).

Why Deadwood died

Fantastic couple of posts about the demise of Deadwood: A writer from a blog called JOpinionated aired her grievances regarding Deadwood’s abrupt cancellation in an open letter to creator David Milch, and was answered (on-blog) by Jim Beaver, the actor who played Ellsworth in Deadwood and also appeared in David Milch’s newer project, John from Cincinnati (which has been CANCELLED). If true, this single back-and-forth was more illuminating than 5 hemming and hawing newspaper articles I read about the cancellation when it happened. [via the 95%-of-the-time-which-is-a-great-percentage-in-my-book-awesome Pop Candy]

(I figured Milch was just ditching ‘wood, too. And still have a few questions…)

If you are unfamiliar with Deadwood, I highly recommend getting caught up (in two minutes or fewer) via THIS very NSFW link.

Meatopia IV: This has nothing to do with music.

As New York mag says, Not Safe for Vegetarians. I encourage any reader who either 1) likes meat or 2) enjoys items humorous (including humorous titles) to watch the video in the embedded link, which is on the subject of a certain annual gathering, this particular event being “Meatopia IV: Slaughter of the Innocents.”

We now return to our musical endeavours.

Shine a Light: Scorsese’s Rolling Stones doc’s trailer

The trailer has arrived for Martin Scorsese’s documentary on the Rolling Stones, “Shine a Light.” [via]

Boomer musico-cinematic nostalgia is so thick this summer, it’s palpable.

Tech / tunes links 8.23.07 – Let’s start with a few questions

*Would you like to wear an iPod on your head? Please do so.
*How musical is a whale? And other zoomusicological questions. [via]
*Ars Technica brings the hate to a recent study by the Institute for Policy Innovation that claims music piracy has cost the U.S. economy $12.5B and is inhibiting job growth, calling it a “$13 billion fantasy.”
*Small internet radio broadcasters rejected a SoundExchange royalty rate offer yesterday. [via]
*The Muse’s Muse: A long-running web hub for songwriters. [via]
*uPlayMe, yet another music discovery tool, has taken a new round of VC funding for a few million bucks. [via]
*Sounds like BlogMusik will be going legit. TechCrunch reports that they’ve cleared up their copyright problems and will be offering free streaming, while making their money from eyeballs and affiliate revenue from partners who sell downloads.
*Coolfer reads the boring stuff so you don’t have to: SpiralFrog, which works on a free, ad-supported model in which users have to visit the site and perform tasks on a semi-regular basis in order to keep their music library active (oy) is losing a lot of money.
*Wow, heavy with the dry music 2.0 stuff today. Will try to make it up to you.