Why Deadwood died

by Josh Kimball

Fantastic couple of posts about the demise of Deadwood: A writer from a blog called JOpinionated aired her grievances regarding Deadwood’s abrupt cancellation in an open letter to creator David Milch, and was answered (on-blog) by Jim Beaver, the actor who played Ellsworth in Deadwood and also appeared in David Milch’s newer project, John from Cincinnati (which has been CANCELLED). If true, this single back-and-forth was more illuminating than 5 hemming and hawing newspaper articles I read about the cancellation when it happened. [via the 95%-of-the-time-which-is-a-great-percentage-in-my-book-awesome Pop Candy]

(I figured Milch was just ditching ‘wood, too. And still have a few questions…)

If you are unfamiliar with Deadwood, I highly recommend getting caught up (in two minutes or fewer) via THIS very NSFW link.