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Let’s talk: On COMMENTS

I’ve been thinking a lot about comments this week (not that the ListeNerd gets many of them), and though I don’t have anything intelligent to say, I have been gathering observations.

I noted earlier today that Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” video has received over 133,000 comments on YouTube. This afternoon, I found out that the video is the most discussed in YT history (by not that great a margin, it leads by fewer than 2,000 comments!). Also, earlier this week I linked to a post RE: distributed content that contained a theoretical musing on the nature of and proper place for blog comments on A VC.

I’m not typically one to make blog comments. Once in a while I will anonymously flame a fellow blogger (usually this engenders both great shame and great satisfaction). Sometimes, I will lord my keyboard quickness over fellow prospective commenters with a lightning-fast “First.”

But furreals, once there are two pages of comments, I don’t see much point in adding my two cents. In fact, anything beyond a few dozen comments and it feels like any interactivity or discussion will be lost.

So what compels someone to write comment #133,858 on Avril’s “Girlfriend”? (The comment was, for the record, “she’s awesome” — which is actually – according to my wholly unscientific opinionating – in the top quintile of intelligence not only for Avril Lavigne comments in particular, but for all YouTube comments.) [Yes, I realize that comment spam is a major reason for the sheer volume here, but that doesn’t much change the motivations of the person adding comment #123,000.]

Lastly, I have this video from Baris Akarsu, a Turkish musician, and the artist behind the video with the 4th-most YouTube comments ever. Most of them are in Turkish, though it appears that many of them are simply the words “BARIS AKARSU forever.”


Two things: One vintage, one a folding musical instrument

DeVillain makes CENTERFOLD, a folding guitar. (I should take this opportunity to mention that in addition to liking beards, the Black Eyed Peas, vintage music players, and recommendation engines, I really love things that fold.)

They did not sell a guitar to U2’s the Edge.


Please examine this video of a phonograph playing “Roamin’ in the Gloamin.'” You may find it SOOTHING if you enjoy moving images of old music players. You may find it hilarious if you see humor in FOREIGN ACCENTS. (I recommend watching with the SOUND OFF.)

The Black Eyed Pees: Fergie takes the State

As every Minneapolitan with a Black Eyed Peas fan club membership card knows, Fergie Ferg is bringing her distinctive, pants-peeing brand of Fergalicious pop music to the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand on Saturday at 7:30.

I have largely refrained from local media and local blogger criticism to this point, as it is anathema to write negatively about music writers in this particular locality (especially those who cover the execrable local scene). But a certain article now requires me to say something I have long wanted to say: THE WRITERS OF SAID ARTICLE SMELL LIKE FUNK, AND THEIR ODOR IS NOT LIMITED TO THIS PARTICULAR CASE AND/OR OFFENSE.

While I would normally rebut their points one-by-one (including urging them to carefully examine the veracity of their first statement), I have chosen not to do so in this instance, since it is manifest that the authors do not, and perhaps cannot, understand the concept of living social satire.

Thank you.

Additionally: THIS is why Yahoo! Answers made total pwnage of Google Answers. The ListeNerd! Answers offers up one more option for our wayward Peas fan.

Tech / tunes links 8.24.07 – Dipping in batter, drowning in beer

*SoundExchange gave up on trying to DRM stream-ripping out of existence, and made a deal with big internet broadcasters to cap per-channel fees. Still wrangling with smaller broadcasters, though… [via] Internet radio is effing exhausting!
*Followup: the inexplicable mania of 14-year-old YouTube viewers; not only is Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” the most-viewed vid in the music category on YT (with over 50M views), the video now has over 133,000 comments.
*BusinessWeek report: Leveraging your workers’ World of Warcraft skills to up their productivity. [via]
*Vinyl: Whoa. ARG-like games were embedded on records back in the day?
*I posted the trailer for the Joy Division movie Control yesterday; here’s the soundtrack tracklist, from the ever-awesome Playlist.
*What IS the package? R. Kelly’s absurd hip-hopera ended its second season yesterday, and I must say that I was disappointed with a distinct lack of absurdity in story line this time around. Corny acting cannot measure up to corny storytelling. DAMN.
*Live Nation wants to ditch Ticketmaster (and maybe lower concert prices?): the market likes the idea.