Tech / tunes links 8.24.07 – Dipping in batter, drowning in beer

by Josh Kimball

*SoundExchange gave up on trying to DRM stream-ripping out of existence, and made a deal with big internet broadcasters to cap per-channel fees. Still wrangling with smaller broadcasters, though… [via] Internet radio is effing exhausting!
*Followup: the inexplicable mania of 14-year-old YouTube viewers; not only is Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” the most-viewed vid in the music category on YT (with over 50M views), the video now has over 133,000 comments.
*BusinessWeek report: Leveraging your workers’ World of Warcraft skills to up their productivity. [via]
*Vinyl: Whoa. ARG-like games were embedded on records back in the day?
*I posted the trailer for the Joy Division movie Control yesterday; here’s the soundtrack tracklist, from the ever-awesome Playlist.
*What IS the package? R. Kelly’s absurd hip-hopera ended its second season yesterday, and I must say that I was disappointed with a distinct lack of absurdity in story line this time around. Corny acting cannot measure up to corny storytelling. DAMN.
*Live Nation wants to ditch Ticketmaster (and maybe lower concert prices?): the market likes the idea.