The Black Eyed Pees: Fergie takes the State

by Josh Kimball

As every Minneapolitan with a Black Eyed Peas fan club membership card knows, Fergie Ferg is bringing her distinctive, pants-peeing brand of Fergalicious pop music to the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand on Saturday at 7:30.

I have largely refrained from local media and local blogger criticism to this point, as it is anathema to write negatively about music writers in this particular locality (especially those who cover the execrable local scene). But a certain article now requires me to say something I have long wanted to say: THE WRITERS OF SAID ARTICLE SMELL LIKE FUNK, AND THEIR ODOR IS NOT LIMITED TO THIS PARTICULAR CASE AND/OR OFFENSE.

While I would normally rebut their points one-by-one (including urging them to carefully examine the veracity of their first statement), I have chosen not to do so in this instance, since it is manifest that the authors do not, and perhaps cannot, understand the concept of living social satire.

Thank you.

Additionally: THIS is why Yahoo! Answers made total pwnage of Google Answers. The ListeNerd! Answers offers up one more option for our wayward Peas fan.