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Vintage: Some dude playing a keyboard

Today’s vintage audio segment is not that SOOTHING at all, but it is, on the other hand, brought to you by Metafilter. (More such things.)

Tech / tunes links 8.26.07 – Ferganomics

*The execrable local: Read this pitch-perfect review of the Fergie show at the Minnesota State Fair. I ate some sunflower honey ice cream & some french fries.
*Who is Tom Hannu? He is a robot that plays Guitar Hero.
*Just a little patience: The Boston Globe writes about the resurgence of whistle rock. Can we please get a SingStar-meets-Guitar Hero whistle-along game made asap? [via]
*The internet: Still dead and boring.
*Murdoch’s Journal: LOLing all the way to the bank(z).