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Recently, Rolling Stone ran a listless, uninspired feature called “The Most Iconic Rock T-Shirts Ever?” T-shirts exhibited included a few from the Ramones, an old Sonic Youth rag, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, among others. Yeah.

The lacklusterity (made up word) of the RS feature compels me to submit the following. It is a HAWKWIND (please note the shimmering, floating, metallic female statuettes) t-shirt from the famed XENON CODEX tour, which came through First Ave in 1989. The shirt was given to me by Uncle Con at one of the family Christmases of the early 90s. Please don’t get too excited.



Vintage video: A PHONOGRAPH

This YouTube video of a phonograph spinning around and around, playing the dulcet tones of “Indian Love Call” from 1936 is incredibly SOOTHING. I would recommend watching it with the SOUND OFF, unless you are tougher than you seem.

The execrable local: The Pees + Fergaliciousness

This anti-Fergie blogger is now dead to me. I have tried to take pity on anyone who works at Mpls / St. Paul in the past, but this transgression – this fundamental misunderstanding of Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas and pop culture in general – is too much to bear.

In other mildly boring execrable local news:
*Metroblogging Minneapolis hates MNSpeak.
*I like mediation.
*Eyeteeth says a blog is an application. Heh.
*I never read the Rake.
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ENUZ: The logo


Some people believe that this ZUNE logo says ENUZ (or anus) backwards. Please judge for yourself – from a Flickr photostream by some peoples I know. (Saw a similar pic on the Triumph of Bullshit tumblog today.)

Fake Steve Jobs caught on! Funny. (Put this up on Flickr in MAY.)

Tech / tunes links 8.27.07 – Ride the Lightning

*After winning a Russian court decision, AllofMp3 says it will be making a comeback. [via]
*Do you need a $600 music player-cum-therapy device? It’s not an iPhone.
*Since James Brown’s death, at least a dozen people have stepped forward to see if he was their father. Wow; three yesses, so far. [via Getty Images]
*Sasha Frere-Jones talks a bit about how YouTube has helped some hip-hop dances go cross-crountry viral of late; hyphy, snap dances, etc.
*NoSo is an anti-social network that throws “non-events” for member who want to escape the same-old social networking scene. Cute gimmick that should work for about two days. [via]
*Spore: What is it good for?
*Online Fandom starts rolling out friend data. (Personally, I’m not much of a friender.)
*Everybody knows by now, but some kid freed the iPhone from AT&T and poor Miss Teen South Carolina got a bit confused. Funny thing is, I agreed with pretty much all of her points.