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Cover: Bongo Bong

I have mentioned previously the love of certain members of the household for Manu Chao’s magnum opus “Bongo Bong.” I am guessing that the Dude will NOT like the version at hand better than the original, which he has now listened to 300 times, including 37 times in one sitting.

“I am the Edison phonograph.”

It’s a talking phonograph! SOOTHING. Kind of.


Except for a few very brief dalliances, I have now been blogging for an entire THREE MONTHS. As will become a quarterly tradition (until termination, which may well be imminent), at midnight tonight I will tally up the number of angry e-mails I have received over the past three months requesting that I STOP blogging, and compare the results to the number of angry e-mails I have received that have been either positive about or indifferent to what I’m doing (I have decided to loop in the latter classification in order to increase the odds of justifying my existence). Should the former prevail, GOODBYE.

A few things: In the first quarter, I posted 329 times in 93 days, for an average of 3.53 posts per calendar day. (Approximately 34% of those posts were boring.) Despite what seems like kind of an exhausticating number of posts (especially if calculated for business–blogness?–days only), 97%+ of what I write in toto (the vast majority of which is for the day job) is still behind a firewall somewhere. Not sure how much more thinking or writing to let loose on the free world, or what kinds, as I am very much still feeling my way each day as far as content mix and amount needed to make the enterprise worthwhile at any level. (My ultimate goal being, of course, to UNSEAT a certain professional surfing photographer.)

The top post of the quarter: THE TALIBEARD.

We can only hope that (if our existence continues beyond midnight) the talibeard can, in future, be equalled, if not eclipsed.

Tech / tunes links 8.28.07 – THE QUARTER

*The RIAA wins one: court says that merely making a song available on a P2P system violates copyright.
*TechCrunch says social music service ContraStream will launch next week. Another “Digg-like” music site, similar to iJigg.
*For those about to rock, we suggest doing so on pre-distressed guitars. [via]
*The net is abuzz (well, the parenting blogs, at least) with word of Yo Gabba Gabba, a kiddie show starring Biz Markie, and featuring the likes of The Shins and other indie-pop peeps. I usually loathe even mentioning the 8-to-7, but I wrote about Yo Gabba Gabba for the day job last October. (Behind the big firewall.)
*From FoxyTunes to TwittyTunes: Mashable does its “# ways to _____ in ______” snowclone with “music” and “Firefox.”
*Mmmmmmm. A tape-playing toaster. [via]
*More food-meets-music mashing: Wendy’s helps music mixers make tunes at ThisIsMyBurger. NICE. [via]
*Department of Forgotten Beards: Stereogum covers the latest Revenge of the Bookeaters show, including posting an AWESOME beard pic. I’m sorry I ever hated you, Stereogum.
*Reading in the Daytrotter Bookery: My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden.
*LimeWire’s legit music store rolls out pricing: A buck for DRM-free tracks. A subscription plan with 75 downloads for $25 a month. Some other, smaller tiers. [via]
*The execrable local: The 400 Bar is collapsing.
*The not-so-execrable local: Uncle Conrad got some Sound Unseen 2007 Artist of Distinction Award. Or something. (Scroll down a bit–no idea what’s up with the random midcap (ConRad), but at least they spelled the last name right. Also, a Mary Lucia piece on the matter. [via grandma]