Tech / tunes links 8.28.07 – THE QUARTER

by Josh Kimball

*The RIAA wins one: court says that merely making a song available on a P2P system violates copyright.
*TechCrunch says social music service ContraStream will launch next week. Another “Digg-like” music site, similar to iJigg.
*For those about to rock, we suggest doing so on pre-distressed guitars. [via]
*The net is abuzz (well, the parenting blogs, at least) with word of Yo Gabba Gabba, a kiddie show starring Biz Markie, and featuring the likes of The Shins and other indie-pop peeps. I usually loathe even mentioning the 8-to-7, but I wrote about Yo Gabba Gabba for the day job last October. (Behind the big firewall.)
*From FoxyTunes to TwittyTunes: Mashable does its “# ways to _____ in ______” snowclone with “music” and “Firefox.”
*Mmmmmmm. A tape-playing toaster. [via]
*More food-meets-music mashing: Wendy’s helps music mixers make tunes at ThisIsMyBurger. NICE. [via]
*Department of Forgotten Beards: Stereogum covers the latest Revenge of the Bookeaters show, including posting an AWESOME beard pic. I’m sorry I ever hated you, Stereogum.
*Reading in the Daytrotter Bookery: My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden.
*LimeWire’s legit music store rolls out pricing: A buck for DRM-free tracks. A subscription plan with 75 downloads for $25 a month. Some other, smaller tiers. [via]
*The execrable local: The 400 Bar is collapsing.
*The not-so-execrable local: Uncle Conrad got some Sound Unseen 2007 Artist of Distinction Award. Or something. (Scroll down a bit–no idea what’s up with the random midcap (ConRad), but at least they spelled the last name right. Also, a Mary Lucia piece on the matter. [via grandma]