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Hype Machine dude interviewed in noisy bar

Huh. Totally disagree with the opening statement summarizing what Hype Machine is, but below is a video from YouTube’s LimewireMusicBlog channel with Hype Machine creator Anthony Volodkin. Who is wearing a Firefox shirt. And drinking a beer. In a noisy bar.

Bob Mould: First! Well, almost.

The execrable local: The MSNBC Ads of the Weird blog calls out TIAA-CREF for using a Bob Mould tune to advertise their services – and Mould is the second to respond in the comments. (Then later commenters plead with him about which of his songs not to sell!)


Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Perhaps this is old news in the Music 2.0 world, but speaking of the Tomato Quintet, may I present the sonifying sounds of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra?

(Warning: Middle part sounds kind of like whales.)

Justice + Groovy Girl

Overheard: “No band with a good song should ever make their own video again.”

Oops: Here’s the DP.


Tech / tunes links 8.29.07 – Ne plus ultra

*Big Nokia week: They rolled out an internet services arm called Ovi (which means “door” in Finnish, I guess), they revived the N-Gage, they finally officially announced that they’re opening a music store in key Euro markets, they launched a new music phone, the N81, and their U.S. version of the N95 is getting raves.

The Financial Times has a Nokia strategy analysis, with this line being especially fun: “The era of deferring to mobile operators may be over.” [via + everyone else]

*Hello, awesome! Live Stage: Tomato Quintet – “A night of tomato music.” Using CO2 from ripening tomatoes, a chef, a musician and an artist will “sonify” 7 days of tomato ripening into 49 minutes of musical wonder. [via]
*The Hollywood Reporter talks to eMusic’s CEO, David Pakman. [via]
*Arson at Burning Man. With lovely LOL mug shot.
*Harvey Pekar does an Anthony Bourdain comic. [via]
*Soundcrank, a music sharing service that works with iTunes, is WIDGETIZING. I’ll be honest; music widgets are wearing me down. [via]
*The Zune needs some fans. Please help.
*Best Music Writing of 2007? I’m linking to a list of links, which will lead you eventually to something worth reading. (This, in case you were wondering, is Advanced Theory of the Internet 244.)
*Totally non-musical and anti-technological, but needs to be mentioned: Crocs moves beyond SHOE THINGS, launches clothing line. [via]