Tech / tunes links 8.29.07 – Ne plus ultra

by Josh Kimball

*Big Nokia week: They rolled out an internet services arm called Ovi (which means “door” in Finnish, I guess), they revived the N-Gage, they finally officially announced that they’re opening a music store in key Euro markets, they launched a new music phone, the N81, and their U.S. version of the N95 is getting raves.

The Financial Times has a Nokia strategy analysis, with this line being especially fun: “The era of deferring to mobile operators may be over.” [via + everyone else]

*Hello, awesome! Live Stage: Tomato Quintet – “A night of tomato music.” Using CO2 from ripening tomatoes, a chef, a musician and an artist will “sonify” 7 days of tomato ripening into 49 minutes of musical wonder. [via]
*The Hollywood Reporter talks to eMusic’s CEO, David Pakman. [via]
*Arson at Burning Man. With lovely LOL mug shot.
*Harvey Pekar does an Anthony Bourdain comic. [via]
*Soundcrank, a music sharing service that works with iTunes, is WIDGETIZING. I’ll be honest; music widgets are wearing me down. [via]
*The Zune needs some fans. Please help.
*Best Music Writing of 2007? I’m linking to a list of links, which will lead you eventually to something worth reading. (This, in case you were wondering, is Advanced Theory of the Internet 244.)
*Totally non-musical and anti-technological, but needs to be mentioned: Crocs moves beyond SHOE THINGS, launches clothing line. [via]