Tech / tunes links 8.30.07 – Magical Mystery

by Josh Kimball

*EMI’s CEO and CFO are out as Terra Firma takes over.
*MySpace is launching its own music tour, which will feature the likes of Hellogoodbye and Say Anything. [Ypulse]
*Sparkfun Electronics has apparently launched a rotary cellphone, the Port-O-Rotary. [Geekologie] Might I suggest integrating a phonograph, for the ultimate retro-convergence device?
*Band of Horses has a video out for “Is There a Ghost.” Also, and more importantly, awesome beard.
*Christian Bale on what it’s like to play Bob Dylan. [The Playlist]
*Metal keeps the guitar industry motoring. A profile of Halo Custom Guitars, who make demon-themed axes complete with “rotting flesh and distended eyeballs” for metal bands – and make a pretty good living doing so! [via Blender]
*David Bowie is slated to appear in the next edition of old-person nerdfest Dr. Who. He will play an evil alien abductor. Bowie to Bowie! [XRRF]
*Mark Cuban is slated to appear in the next season of old-person nerdfest Dancing witth the Stars. The internet is BORING. [USA Today]
*Music widgets: Slacker has one for MySpace now. Wheeeee-oy. [Mashable]
*The execrable local: Daft Punk’s movie Electroma will be screening at Minneapolis’ Uptown Theater 9.15.07. [LimeWire Music Blog]
*Jail Guitar Doors is a charity set up by Billy Bragg, donates musical instruments to UK prisoners. All civilized like. [Metafilter]