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Vintage: Record player with nice arms

Love the herky-jerkiness, which takes nothing away from the overall SOOTHINGNESS of watching this record spin, old school. Go nuts and listen with the SOUND ON. It’s “Hushabye” by the Mystics on a 1956 Philips radiogram.

Japanese trailer for Kurt Cobain doc “About a Son”

I don’t speak Japanese. At all. But there is some bad language. You have been warned.

Another trailer for the movie came out at the end of last year.

Speaking of Joy Division’s Control by Anton Corbijn

Paul Smith and Peter Saville teamed up to launch a movie t-shirt. Yes. A movie t-shirt celebrated, and LAUNCHED. And sold out. [Golden Fiddle]

Also, Threadless tees for $10 each. NO JOY DIVISION CONNECTIONS. But at least you can rock the frog.

Tech / tunes links 8.31.07 – Out like a ham

*NBC Universal is done with iTunes. The two parties couldn’t agree on packaging and pricing, among other things. NBC was the #1 seller of video via Apple’s store, but soon they’ll have Hulu. In other iNews, iTunes will start selling ringtones soon, and they have a big announcement slated for next week.
*Sony Connect, the company’s digital music store, bids adieu.
*The videogame industry will be twice the size of the music industry by 2011, says Ars Technica.
*Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach will appear on MTV’s “Celebrity Rap Superstar,” which starts tonight. And which will be awesome.
*Bowie to Bowie: Bowie will NOT be in Doctor Who after all. Huh. Seems like the guy is trying to play it both ways.
*The L.A. Times shines a light on a bunch of “indie-rock actresses,” including Scarlett Johansson, Parker Posey, and Jena Malone (whose band is called Jena Malone and her Bloodstains). [Pop Candy]
*The new Nokia N81 music-playing phone has its own single and video. Cheeseball, but amusing. [SlashPhone]
*Twitter visualization: Explore (which may not even be rolling at the time you click) will enable more off-twitter interactions (I know that sounds foggy) and Twitter Blocks will apparently allow users to navigate the Twitterverse using an entirely different visual metaphor. [TechCrunch]