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Month: August, 2007

Cover: Bongo Bong

I have mentioned previously the love of certain members of the household for Manu Chao’s magnum opus “Bongo Bong.” I am guessing that the Dude will NOT like the version at hand better than the original, which he has now listened to 300 times, including 37 times in one sitting.

“I am the Edison phonograph.”

It’s a talking phonograph! SOOTHING. Kind of.


Except for a few very brief dalliances, I have now been blogging for an entire THREE MONTHS. As will become a quarterly tradition (until termination, which may well be imminent), at midnight tonight I will tally up the number of angry e-mails I have received over the past three months requesting that I STOP blogging, and compare the results to the number of angry e-mails I have received that have been either positive about or indifferent to what I’m doing (I have decided to loop in the latter classification in order to increase the odds of justifying my existence). Should the former prevail, GOODBYE.

A few things: In the first quarter, I posted 329 times in 93 days, for an average of 3.53 posts per calendar day. (Approximately 34% of those posts were boring.) Despite what seems like kind of an exhausticating number of posts (especially if calculated for business–blogness?–days only), 97%+ of what I write in toto (the vast majority of which is for the day job) is still behind a firewall somewhere. Not sure how much more thinking or writing to let loose on the free world, or what kinds, as I am very much still feeling my way each day as far as content mix and amount needed to make the enterprise worthwhile at any level. (My ultimate goal being, of course, to UNSEAT a certain professional surfing photographer.)

The top post of the quarter: THE TALIBEARD.

We can only hope that (if our existence continues beyond midnight) the talibeard can, in future, be equalled, if not eclipsed.

Tech / tunes links 8.28.07 – THE QUARTER

*The RIAA wins one: court says that merely making a song available on a P2P system violates copyright.
*TechCrunch says social music service ContraStream will launch next week. Another “Digg-like” music site, similar to iJigg.
*For those about to rock, we suggest doing so on pre-distressed guitars. [via]
*The net is abuzz (well, the parenting blogs, at least) with word of Yo Gabba Gabba, a kiddie show starring Biz Markie, and featuring the likes of The Shins and other indie-pop peeps. I usually loathe even mentioning the 8-to-7, but I wrote about Yo Gabba Gabba for the day job last October. (Behind the big firewall.)
*From FoxyTunes to TwittyTunes: Mashable does its “# ways to _____ in ______” snowclone with “music” and “Firefox.”
*Mmmmmmm. A tape-playing toaster. [via]
*More food-meets-music mashing: Wendy’s helps music mixers make tunes at ThisIsMyBurger. NICE. [via]
*Department of Forgotten Beards: Stereogum covers the latest Revenge of the Bookeaters show, including posting an AWESOME beard pic. I’m sorry I ever hated you, Stereogum.
*Reading in the Daytrotter Bookery: My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden.
*LimeWire’s legit music store rolls out pricing: A buck for DRM-free tracks. A subscription plan with 75 downloads for $25 a month. Some other, smaller tiers. [via]
*The execrable local: The 400 Bar is collapsing.
*The not-so-execrable local: Uncle Conrad got some Sound Unseen 2007 Artist of Distinction Award. Or something. (Scroll down a bit–no idea what’s up with the random midcap (ConRad), but at least they spelled the last name right. Also, a Mary Lucia piece on the matter. [via grandma]


Recently, Rolling Stone ran a listless, uninspired feature called “The Most Iconic Rock T-Shirts Ever?” T-shirts exhibited included a few from the Ramones, an old Sonic Youth rag, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, among others. Yeah.

The lacklusterity (made up word) of the RS feature compels me to submit the following. It is a HAWKWIND (please note the shimmering, floating, metallic female statuettes) t-shirt from the famed XENON CODEX tour, which came through First Ave in 1989. The shirt was given to me by Uncle Con at one of the family Christmases of the early 90s. Please don’t get too excited.



Vintage video: A PHONOGRAPH

This YouTube video of a phonograph spinning around and around, playing the dulcet tones of “Indian Love Call” from 1936 is incredibly SOOTHING. I would recommend watching it with the SOUND OFF, unless you are tougher than you seem.

The execrable local: The Pees + Fergaliciousness

This anti-Fergie blogger is now dead to me. I have tried to take pity on anyone who works at Mpls / St. Paul in the past, but this transgression – this fundamental misunderstanding of Fergie, the Black Eyed Peas and pop culture in general – is too much to bear.

In other mildly boring execrable local news:
*Metroblogging Minneapolis hates MNSpeak.
*I like mediation.
*Eyeteeth says a blog is an application. Heh.
*I never read the Rake.
[all via; brought to you by WordPress]

ENUZ: The logo


Some people believe that this ZUNE logo says ENUZ (or anus) backwards. Please judge for yourself – from a Flickr photostream by some peoples I know. (Saw a similar pic on the Triumph of Bullshit tumblog today.)

Fake Steve Jobs caught on! Funny. (Put this up on Flickr in MAY.)

Tech / tunes links 8.27.07 – Ride the Lightning

*After winning a Russian court decision, AllofMp3 says it will be making a comeback. [via]
*Do you need a $600 music player-cum-therapy device? It’s not an iPhone.
*Since James Brown’s death, at least a dozen people have stepped forward to see if he was their father. Wow; three yesses, so far. [via Getty Images]
*Sasha Frere-Jones talks a bit about how YouTube has helped some hip-hop dances go cross-crountry viral of late; hyphy, snap dances, etc.
*NoSo is an anti-social network that throws “non-events” for member who want to escape the same-old social networking scene. Cute gimmick that should work for about two days. [via]
*Spore: What is it good for?
*Online Fandom starts rolling out friend data. (Personally, I’m not much of a friender.)
*Everybody knows by now, but some kid freed the iPhone from AT&T and poor Miss Teen South Carolina got a bit confused. Funny thing is, I agreed with pretty much all of her points.

Vintage: Some dude playing a keyboard

Today’s vintage audio segment is not that SOOTHING at all, but it is, on the other hand, brought to you by Metafilter. (More such things.)

Tech / tunes links 8.26.07 – Ferganomics

*The execrable local: Read this pitch-perfect review of the Fergie show at the Minnesota State Fair. I ate some sunflower honey ice cream & some french fries.
*Who is Tom Hannu? He is a robot that plays Guitar Hero.
*Just a little patience: The Boston Globe writes about the resurgence of whistle rock. Can we please get a SingStar-meets-Guitar Hero whistle-along game made asap? [via]
*The internet: Still dead and boring.
*Murdoch’s Journal: LOLing all the way to the bank(z).

Wicked-ass Coke bottle instruments + DIY fujara

I highly recommend this video of weirdo musical instruments, including some odd Coke bottle things, and an instrument known as the fujara. It is not at all soothing, but it GOOD.

Tech / tunes links 8.25.07 – Nervous tension. Nervvvvvous tension.

*Chuck Klosterman does a Trapped in the Closet roundup for the Guardian. [via]
*Twitterment answers the question: What are we twittering? The app allows the curious and the bored to examine the subject matter trends of Twitter users. Looks like mentions of dogs and cats are about even in the mornings, but dogs start to pull away in the afternoons. Wheeeee!!!!!
*I hadn’t noticed Mashable Invites before, which allows Web 2.0 junkies to sign up, and stand in line to receive invites for 2.0 applications in beta (or sometimes alpha, I guess) mode.
*A long TechCrunch post on how to find DRM-free music online.
*Digital Audio Insider on using as a tool to measure fan devotion. Includes a massive chart!!! [via]
*A Virtual World Radio Network launches in Second Life, and it sounds like they want to be the BBC of the metaverse everybody now loves to hate. [via]

Today’s ad hominem MSFT insult: the zunePhone