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Month: September, 2007

Video: More drums – the history of the Amen break beat

Mesmerizing audio, with a vid that features a phonograph spinning soothingly for 18+ minutes! The narrator has an even drier delivery than I do.

[via digg]

Video: Kanye West freestyling on SNL

[Daily Swarm]

Video: dot matrix printer used as a drum machine

It sounds kind of like one is printing off a school paper. Or a letter. Or any of dozens of other written materials. [little-scale]

More printer sounds (and music hacks) here, by Paul Slocum.

Links for 9.30.07: Bourdain, the iphone sucks, and reality for old people

*MAKE takes on music: How to make a mellotron out of walkmans (not walkmen?).

*Local: Tryouts for a music reality show come to Minneapolis. 40+ rockers (of whom we are not wanting) can audition for READY 2 ROCK (caps theirs), a forthcoming making-of-the-band kinda reality program. See Metblog Mpls for details.

*Gizmodo: The iPhone sucks. Also: are iPods creating a crime wave in New York?

*Anthony Bourdain in Spin on music in 1977. (Bourdain is speaking at a company gig in 2 weeks.) [via Fimoculous]

*The Times asks if Facebook is worth $10B.

*Microsoft files a patent for a system for the Zune to automatically deliver content to a listening device based on past actions and pre-set preferences. [ZDnet via Engadget]

Meta: top posts this month are almost all dumb videos

Not music 2.0. Not breaking news. Not original content. The most interesting things here at the listenerd are apparently simple links, with little (preferably no!) commentary.

The top five posts for September 2007 (all links go to external content; they aren’t internal links to this blog):

*With a bullet: Swiss firefighters record Projec’t 118 rap video to inform citizens who to call when there’s a fire.

*Darth Vader plays blues harmonica.

*A nonsensical post mocking user The 40-year-old Spartan for the disconnect between his ultra-tough name and his less hardcore musical tastes (Maroon 5).

*A video of Winnie the Pooh doing the Soulja Boy dance.

*A video of Pavarotti and James Brown singing together.

Bottom ONE post of the month (this one pings back to the original post):

*An diatribe on the evils of black mead. AVOID: An irregular anti-recommendation service from the listenerd.

User-generated endeavors that aren’t: Billboard’s Music Maven

What is this steaming pile of Billboard BS?


Music hunting on the Vicipaedia Latina (Latin Wikipedia)

The Wall Street Journal writes up the Vicipaedia Latina – the Latin version of Wikipedia – calling it a labor of love for “weekend philologists” who often have to linguistically improvise in order to keep with the times. (I love weekend philology!)

Here’s the Latin entry for the Beatles. And here is the entry for rock music, or musica rockica. Lastly, Apple Computatra (but there’s no iPod entry!).

Video: Jugglers perform Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music”

Repetitive. But mesmerizing.

Video: TED talk on how to listen to music with your whole body

A presentation by deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie (it’s long!).

Video: Totally trip-adelic gramophone!

If this doesn’t bend your mind, you have problems. (Not even kidding!) I recommend listening with the sound ON.

Links for 9.29.07: ads, tweets, covers, guns + elmos

*A couple takes on SpiralFrog and the ad-supported music model in general from GigaOm and Ingram.

*Kotaku has video of what it’s like to customize characters in the much-anticipated Rock Band.

*Guerrilla musicals: capturing videos of people slipping into public places in New York, then breaking into song. Worst nightmare.

*The WSJ on blogs that cover cover songs.

*LaserSabers turn lasers into sabers. Also available? The Tunnel Gun II. [Shiny Shiny]

*If you haven’t seen the ElmoSapien yet, I would recommend drinking some black mead before watching this. [RobotsRule via Engadget]

*Mashable’s 60 tools for Twittering. Plus, now you can follow your favorite subjects – such as BLACK MEAD – thanks to new twit functionality.

Vintage video: Saved by the Bell’s “Jesse’s Song”

This video was featured on Fark recently with the headline “The single greatest moment in the history of televised media.”

That might be hype, but the song is burned into my brain.

Unlikely covers: Jackie Chan and Ani DiFranco sing “Unforgettable”

Embedded audio clips give you a taste of the magic (listening to “Unforgettale” is highly recommended!) on the When Pigs Fly CD, a compilation of unlikely covers which also includes The Oak Ridge Boys singing “Carry On My Wayward Son.” [notes]

Video: I’m Not There – a 6:50 clip

For a while! From Italian TV.

[The Playlist]