Tech / Tunes links 9.3.07 – The Widest Stance of All

by Josh Kimball

*The New York Times takes on the topic of Nokia, their new music store and the general handset manufacturer vs. cell phone carrier battle that’s brewing. A Forrester dude says choice fatigue and consumer confusion are the “downside of convergence,” but that’s just dumb. Changing the way the carriers do business is a great thing for consumers, even if it’s confusing in the short run. MoCoNews follows up the NYT article with commentary of its own.
*Snarkmarket points to an apparent cross-the-dial recording of New York radio the night John Lennon was shot.
*MFR puts together a playlist for wide-stanced former Idaho Senator Larry Craig.
*Does the iPhone Nano come out this week? The WaPo says YES. [textually]
*Ahhh. Another link for the cyclical blog: Florence Foster Jenkins never gets old.
*Pownce intros a bunch of new features, including notices for upcoming events, the ability to embed videos in notes, and the ability to list all your social networks. I haven’t signed in to pownce in weeks.