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Subterranean Homesick Peas

HIGHLY recommended for Dylan fans, Black Eyed Peas fans, Black Eyed Peas haters (of which there are a numerous and inarticulate multitude) and the tiny crossover of those who both appreciate diverse aspects of both the Peas and Bob Dylan.

This video.

Great World of Sound

From BuzzFeed comes the trailer for the Great World of Sound, a reality-bending mockumentary (if you must) about the music industry.

There are beards, and there are good reviews both.

New Order vs. Rihanna

“Shut Up on a Blue Monday”

Haters, keep on hating.

This one goes out to the local media establishmentarians!

Fergie takes Bumbershoot.

Also: love THIS subtle pants-peeing reference.

Tech / Tunes links 9.4.07 – Love’s labor’s lost

*Coolfer does a test run with SpiralFrog, the company hoping to someday offer ad-supported music tracks to the masses. (Coolfer: “It feels half-finished.)
*BMI reports that performance royalties collected were up 8% to $732M for FY 2007. [NYPost]
*Forget quarterly reports; Hewlett-Packard is betting on Gwen Stefani paper dolls. [Ypulse]
*Video feature: “Spike Spends Saturday With,” a Spike Jonze series, features Kanye West. Awkward? [Pop Candy]
*Perhaps this drumming gorilla will help you relax. Or scare you to death. [Snarkmarket]