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Clip from Bono’s Across the Universe

A psychedelic scene from Bono’s forthcoming film “Across the Universe” in which Bono sings “I Am the Walrus.” The movie’s set to roll out 9/21.

I know this statement is entirely out of vogue, but I find Bono to be intolerable.

Vintage audio: Edison phonograph

The news is about to start! (Also, nice watch.) Also: VERY SOOTHING.

A few of Jobs’ music stats

From today’s iPod refresh:

“We’ve distributed 600 million copies of iTunes so far, and customers have bought and downloaded over 3 billion songs from iTunes. iTunes is the number one online music store in every single one of the 22 countries it operates in. We started with just 200,000 songs and we have over 6 million songs in every single one of those stores.”

*In 2006, 32% of tracks sold were digital-only.
*110 million iPods sold so far.

The Secret Arch

The local (not that execrable): Coming September 8 to the Soap Factory is The Secret Arch, a PostSecret-like sound installation that allows people to speak whispered messages into one side of the arch, recording, then randomly playing those messages throughout the month-and-a-half of the installation.

It sounds like high heels and artsy whispering, but for this highlight: “One time I taped my brother up in a refrigerator box and pushed him down the stairs. It was awesome.”
[Networked Music Review]

Tech / Tunes links 9.5.07 – The Hump Day Edition

*Amazon is NBC’s new BFF. The network will sell “30 Rock,” “The Office,” “Heroes,” and other shows through Amazon’s Unbox. NBC: “Amazon is a company that understands the value we provide as content owners to its business.” Uh boy.
*Other iTunes news: The iPhone was the best-selling smartphone in July, and today holds another big Apple announcement. Rumor has it, if you shine a black light on Steve Jobs’ mock turtle, you will see “EFF NBC” written in invisible ink. Also: new iPods (possibly with internet radio functionality)!
*MyStrands launches, a music video channel personalizable for each user’s listening habits. Read music 2.0 soc-net operator and MyStrand employee muSick in the Head’s post on it.
*Listening Post interviews Johnny Rotten: “Generally, the hippie lot from the previous generation were a spiteful bunch of fuckers. They didn’t want to share the world with us.” Despit advanced age, the guy can still drop a pretty good eff bomb.
*A working Guitar Hero controller made out of Legos. LEGOS! [Wonderland]
*The MetaCard is a credit card for use in Second Life, and only in Second Life. If you fall behind on your payments, watch out. [Wonderland]
*A Zune will now only cost you $200, thanks to a price cut. Still brown. [Techmeme]
*Joy Division biopic “Control” now has an official website. [Pop Candy]
*The Plusdeck2 converts cassette tapes to mp3s. I have a lot of Pavarotti tapes on the floor of the passenger side of my car for some reason. Don’t ask.
*Stephen Hawking has written a children’s book, “George’s Secret Key to the Universe.” It answers one of the eternal questions of childhood: What happens if both your parents are sucked into a black hole?