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Poison Control Center and Mac vs. PC

Daytrotter offers up mp3s from frenetic Ames, Iowa band Poison Control Center (the review evokes the likes of NMH and Apples in Stereo), who I saw play with JOHN HODGMAN, of all people, back in the day.

Also: JOHN HODGMAN, you may be the star of those ads about the things, but are you STILL FEELING SO SUPERIOR after seeing THIS?

For the metalheads: skull made of heavy metal cassettes

1980s cassette tapes from the likes of Judas Priest and Motley Crue have been melted down by an artist named Brian Dettmer to form an INCREDIBLY LIFELIKE human skull.

Approximately 1000X better than cassette tape buckles.
[BB Gadgets]

The most rockin’ song EVERS may or may not be:

“Ramble Tamble” by CCR – an A.V. Club piece with many, many comments.

Pavarotti meets James Brown

Faking the Funk

The WSJ on a musical marketing success story. Hollywood Records signed YouTube phenom Marie Digby in 2005 (before she was a mini-star), then came up with a LonelyGirl15-style YouTube marketing campaign. And it worked!

Also: there is no Santa.

Heather Graham sings

Also, it said she once in a while “acts.” To be confirmed.

Song is called “The Hanging Tree,” from her indie movie Broken. [Pop Candy]

Tech / Tunes links 9.6.07 – The Funk Phenomenon

*BREAKING: Whoa! Google Reader ditched “100+” and is now using a precise number (currently 226) to indicate unread Reader items. Take that, Apple! Also, they’ve added search.
*The new iPod nano is short and fat. And has a videoscreen. Also, the iPhone price cut has people worried. Also, video out available on all new iPods? Also, you already heard about the online music store and the Starbucks thing. Also, take THAT, Hodgman.
*The outstanding blog The Playlist links to a new “I’m Not There Clip.” (With Cate Blanchett as Jude/Dylan.)
*Groove Mobile took $6M in funding.
*Me.dium – the browse-tracking app – is holding a 5-day online music festival called RockMe. The Fiery Furnaces and provacative imagery included. [Mashable]
*Your Daily Widget: USA Today.
*Rainn Wilson v. Rob Zombie [Pop Candy]
*Listening Post interviews the CEO of ad-supported music site We7 (which I have mentioned multiple times previously).
*Pavarotti died. I feel bad for neglecting those tapes of his on my passenger seat floor now.