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Take Away Shows out-and-about music video of Menomena


And here is worldwide favorite band of the everyblog, Menomena, playing “Wet and Rusting.”

The surface of water made into a musical instrument

The Toriton Plus allows one to play the surface of a rigged-up bowl of water as a musical instrument. Also: I REALLY WANT ONE.

Vintage: a gramophone soothingly spinning

Watch it, even with the sound on. It is incredibly SOOTHING.

Musical clothes: the drum pants and the beat dress

A Beat Dress is an led-equipped garment that pulses to the rhythm of the music being played around it. Says the creator: “I wanted to make a garment that would help to create an atmosphere of dancing and partying even though the wearer wouldn’t dance. Much like something visual such as a discoball or a set of strob-lights helps to give a greater experience of sounds.” [Networked_Music_Review]

Drum Pants are PANTS equipped with drums. Pound on your pants and the data is captured and pushed to a drum machine. [Engadget]

Drum Pants + Beat Dress.

Infographics + Trapped in the Closet = Better than an iPhone store credit?

Old but just saw this: two great tastes that taste great together: Earl Boykins’ Andrew Kuo does up his infographic stylings on the subject of R. Kelly’s hip-hopera Trapped in the Closet.

A video of stuff getting shot in slow motion

With operatic music playing in the background.

It’s a gun control spot. [VSL]

Tech / Tunes links 9.7.07 – Would you like a rebate?

*Apple will give you $100 if you bought a super expensive iPhone. Also: let’s take pictures of people making the walk of shame to get their credit! (Also: Apple wants to cut the price of TV show episodes from $2 to $1. There will presumably be no refunds for previously bought shows.)
*Bono writes Pavarotti’s obituary for The Sun. [XRRF] Also: the Bono dartboard.
*Musicians die earlier: A study from Liverpool John Moores University’s Centre for Public Health found that rockers are 2X to 3X more likely to die a premature death than the general population. [Future of Music]
*Led Zeppelin reuniting for a one-time gig. I always liked “Kashmir.”
*We’ve talked about context- and geo-specific media at the day job for a long time. Josh Rubin riffs on it vis-a-vis Starbucks and the iPhone. [PSFK]
*“Thunder Road” is the first comic book to be published exclusively to cellphone. [Slashphone]
*Cringely on Steve Jobs and the iPhone price cut: “It wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t a thoughtless mistake. It was a calculated and tightly scripted exercise in marketing and ego gratification.”