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New Tay Zonday video; or the anxiety of awareness

Tay Zonday’s new video, “Do the Can’t Dance” doesn’t work for me for some of the same reasons the second season of Trapped in the Closet didn’t work for me. Too much self-awareness can be a terrible thing. I hope it’s just a sophomore slump.

[Metro Mpls]

Vintage video: The 1895 Dickson Experimental Sound Film

There are a lot of WORDS in this video (which I should now note, is a potentially interesting cross-platform, a-contextual, medium-bending use of YouTube), but the moving pictures start at just about the 1:00 mark. This is supposedly the first live film with recorded sound, and shows William Dickson playing a violin into a giant phonograph – along with two guys dancing.

(There’s a thorough explanation of the project on the YouTube page.)

Words that go nowhere: observations (sans hyperlinks!)

*I messed with the design theme of this site, and did some crazy stuff with the feeds. I hope it all works out.
*Words that go nowhere is a brand-new content type for this blog. It will be used sparingly and be forgotten quickly. And it will, I promise you, NEVER INCLUDE A HYPERLINK.
*Ownership is the new DRM. The costs in time and hassle of buying, finding, managing and storing files will in the not too distant future make music ownership more of a pain in the ass than subscription payment models are.
*Due to a twittervention of sorts, I have seen the light when it comes to the optimal content for presence-casting, and will now only be transmitting my made-up words to the ethosphere via this medium. (P.S. Twittervention is a made-up word.)

Didgeridoo massage at the Mill City Farmer’s Market

They weren’t giving out didgeridoo brain massages today, but a couple of didgeridudes were touting the instruments’ soothing qualities – and offering to play them directly into people’s chests.


Links for 9.8.07: internet addiction, MP3 shrinking, Rap Snacks, and oil tanker operas

*Remember when I said I might be addicted to the internet? It’s worse than OCD. Additionally, I may also have mild OCD.
*Would you like to see an opera on an oil tanker in Brooklyn?
*Norah Jones covers The Arcade Fire.
*RipRoar lets DIY movie-makers shoot their own green screen scenes for $130. If I could still get away with saying “We are all nerds now,” I would say it. [Shiny Shiny]
*ShrinkMyTunes is a $40 Windows-only app that can shrink MP3s to half their original size. Windows-only app. Heh. UGH. [Wired]
*Apophenia on “Controlling Your Public Appearance” – this is why I started blogging.
*Music and food: 1) Lil Romeo has purchased RAP SNACKS. [Getty Images] 2) Rringles?