Links for 9.8.07: internet addiction, MP3 shrinking, Rap Snacks, and oil tanker operas

by Josh Kimball

*Remember when I said I might be addicted to the internet? It’s worse than OCD. Additionally, I may also have mild OCD.
*Would you like to see an opera on an oil tanker in Brooklyn?
*Norah Jones covers The Arcade Fire.
*RipRoar lets DIY movie-makers shoot their own green screen scenes for $130. If I could still get away with saying “We are all nerds now,” I would say it. [Shiny Shiny]
*ShrinkMyTunes is a $40 Windows-only app that can shrink MP3s to half their original size. Windows-only app. Heh. UGH. [Wired]
*Apophenia on “Controlling Your Public Appearance” – this is why I started blogging.
*Music and food: 1) Lil Romeo has purchased RAP SNACKS. [Getty Images] 2) Rringles?