Words that go nowhere: observations (sans hyperlinks!)

by Josh Kimball

*I messed with the design theme of this site, and did some crazy stuff with the feeds. I hope it all works out.
*Words that go nowhere is a brand-new content type for this blog. It will be used sparingly and be forgotten quickly. And it will, I promise you, NEVER INCLUDE A HYPERLINK.
*Ownership is the new DRM. The costs in time and hassle of buying, finding, managing and storing files will in the not too distant future make music ownership more of a pain in the ass than subscription payment models are.
*Due to a twittervention of sorts, I have seen the light when it comes to the optimal content for presence-casting, and will now only be transmitting my made-up words to the ethosphere via this medium. (P.S. Twittervention is a made-up word.)