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Vintage video: a phonograph playing

SOOTHING (even with the sound on).

The performers are apparently Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders.

Video: The OK Go treadmill video rendered in Legos


Links for 9.9.07: Fergie’s hummer, Habbo Hotel, the iDrink + more

*BoingBoing points to a blog post by a music reviewer who got an earful after his watermarked promo CD went up on a P2P.
*The NYT covers “Across the Universe,” the forthcoming cinematic rocke-era about the Beatles. I posted a clip of the execrable Bono pyschedilically singing in it previously. Also: have I mentioned that I hate Bono?
*If you didn’t know: Habbo Hotel is HUGE. The virtual world has 6.5 million active users. Also: the importance of being a “gameless game.”
*Listenerd fave Fergie is going green and selling her 2005 H2 Hummer. The $$ will go to Global Green USA. Bidding is currently at $61k. Watch those seats, though!
*The iDrink brings iPod style to alcohol consumption. [Shiny Shiny]
*The Times on marching bands.