Links for 9.11.07: Apple’s plans, 50 v. Kanye, Dan Deacon’s skull + more

by Josh Kimball

*Read Digital Music News on Universal’s possible plans for a subscription-based service.

*Apple has sold 1 million iPhones. Also, BusinessWeek asks: Does Apple want a piece of the wireless spectrum?

*Kanye and Fitty want you to know: It’s Kanye vs. 50 Cent day.

*Make way for another Tron movie. [Pop Candy]

*Facebook is doing another round of funding. So they can buy people. I still only have a fake Facebook account.

*Philly experimental label Fried Tapes embraces the cassette tape.

*Where is Dan Deacon’s green skull? Additionally, with the redirects and the poor site and search performance, Pitchfork’s digital practices are an eff you to readers. Just saying.

*I just signed up for Streamy, a sort of uber-feed reader with sharing and other social media components. Hopefully, I’ll have time to look at it.