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Video: John Denver meets Frank Sinatra

It is not a phonograph spinning, but it is vintage, it contains tuxedos, and it will sooth you if you let it. John Denver and Frank Sinatra sing “September Song.” On stools. Wearing tuxedos. And there is bright haziness. And John Denver has a beard.

Visualization of flights and time zones

This may well be old, but it comes from the Long Now, who take a long view of time and, um, other shit like that. So here it is, an awesome LitesBrite-like visualization of flight patterns across North America.

[Next post will be like a phonograph or a didgreidoo or something. Swearzies.]

Har Mar Super* reality show: Holding Out for a Hero

The execrable local: Har Mar Superstar is shooting a pilot episode for a reality show, and he needs some helpers. If you’ll be in L.A. on Friday, I strongly urge you to help the man out. Details at Filter.

Also, I understand they closed the Marshall’s at the Har Mar Mall. As long as they still regularly have agate shows, I’m fine with that. [Note: TOTALLY NOT KIDDING!]

Project: turn a gramophone into an MP3 player

For all who have wanted to play mp3s with their gramophones, behold.


*The innards look kind of like a bomb. Which is awesome.
*This has me now considering plans to make my non-functioning, first-gen brick iPod into a functioning mp3 player by embedding a shuffle.
[Magic City News]

ZREO: Zelda Reorchestrated completes transcription of Legend of Zelda music

In 2004, Zelda Reorchestrated (or ZREO) began an ambitious undertaking to transcribe all the music from the Legend of Zelda video game series.

You may listen to elements of the project HERE.

You may listen to World Zelda Music Radio HERE.

Go HERE for the new Zelda Battlescapes project.

This, to my mind, is LUNACY.

On Mozart’s “Leck mich im Arsch”

“Leck mich im Arsch,” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Please read the Wikipedia entry on said.


Links for 9.12.07: Apple ringtones, beer speakers, Mickey Mouse metal + more

*Read: a Financial Times interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

*Listening Post and Hypebot on Earvolution’s bid to move from an MP3 blog to a record label.

*Activision reports that they’ve sold 650k song packs of Guitar Hero II in the past five months. [Digital Music News]

*The White Stripes are cancelling their tour due to Meg’s “acute anxiety.” [Peefork]

*Daring Fireball on the Apple ringtone dumbness. On the other hand, the iPhone price cut tripled phone sales.

*PEOPLE: Speakers that look like Heineken crates. Mmmmm…Surly.

*Does Mickey Mouse hate heavy metal? [Pop Candy]