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Video: Bob Dylan “Hurricane” music vid

Video: Fargo Yeah! – Fargo in under two minutes

The execrable local: Everyone knows it’s spelled “yah.”


Video: Al Michaels’ Kanye v. 50 prediction.

On a recent Jimmy Kimmel, Al Michaels, a well-known conservative (which explains his 50 affinity), comes out on the side of Fiddy in the Kanye/50 Cent album battle. Also, Fiddy is sitting right next to him.


VIDEO: Devendra Banhart on Jim Morrison’s couch + the Macho Man raps

Short MTV video segment exploring the home of Devendra Banhart, who owns Jim Morrison’s couch and, more importantly has an INCREDIBLE BEARD.

Also, he discusses Randy “Macho Man” Savage, who apparently had a hip-hop record back in the day. [Getty Images]

For your listening pleasure, Mr. Savage’s rap – with pretty bad YouTube-style image-collage video – is below.

Links for 9.13.07: VMA tweets, Amazon music store, the games biz explosion + more

*The Wall Street Journal ponders the question of if tech-limited sound quality is holding the music biz back. (No.)

*The new Amazon music download store is now apparently only waiting on Bezos. (Bezos: “Needs more orange!”) [Mashable]

*The $4B online games business is projected to triple over the next five years. [mediaeater]

*Shots Ring Out does a kick-ass analysis of MTV’s attempt to Twitter the VMAs. Yuuuaa! [notes]

*Attention: September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day in Second Life. Insert quip here.

*A Honolulu orchestra will be performing the music from the television show Lost on September 22, one day before Second Life Celebrate Bisexuality Day. [Pop Candy]

*Craig Finn (who you may know from the Hold Steady) will be teaching Boston College students how to rock at a “Master Class” on September 25, just two days after Second Life Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

*Million Dollar Pubes – pay $200 for one hair’s-worth of lazer treatement (plus an ad on her page) for a young lady in need. Not very tasteful! [Shiny Shiny]