Links for 9.13.07: VMA tweets, Amazon music store, the games biz explosion + more

by Josh Kimball

*The Wall Street Journal ponders the question of if tech-limited sound quality is holding the music biz back. (No.)

*The new Amazon music download store is now apparently only waiting on Bezos. (Bezos: “Needs more orange!”) [Mashable]

*The $4B online games business is projected to triple over the next five years. [mediaeater]

*Shots Ring Out does a kick-ass analysis of MTV’s attempt to Twitter the VMAs. Yuuuaa! [notes]

*Attention: September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day in Second Life. Insert quip here.

*A Honolulu orchestra will be performing the music from the television show Lost on September 22, one day before Second Life Celebrate Bisexuality Day. [Pop Candy]

*Craig Finn (who you may know from the Hold Steady) will be teaching Boston College students how to rock at a “Master Class” on September 25, just two days after Second Life Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

*Million Dollar Pubes – pay $200 for one hair’s-worth of lazer treatement (plus an ad on her page) for a young lady in need. Not very tasteful! [Shiny Shiny]