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Video: Creating John Hodgman’s “Hobo Matters” documentary

[Not actually made by John Hodgman.]

Video: “Leave Britney alone” – From zero to dead in two days.

Words that go nowhere: Americans’ solid waste production

*Percentage change since 1980 in the average amount of solid waste generated by an American: +24. (Harper’s, October 2007). This could be a greater problem than global warming.

Links for 9.14.07: Ringtone hate, Wal-mart hate, Prince hate, FotC LOLz + more

*Band of Horses licenses songs to Wal-Mart and Ford.

Ben Bridwell: “My personal stance is that once that music is recorded and released to the world then I don’t really care where it goes. “The Funeral” has been licensed to death (ha, wretch) at this point and if somebody wants to throw down some duckets for it, then feel free. It also beats the hell out of stealing batteries from Wal-Mart to sell them back for 8 bucks.” Also, what a BEARD on that dude.

*Both David Pogue and Daring Fireball continue the Apple ringtone (and ringtone in general) hate.

*Social, mobile music company Mercora has become Social.FM. [Crave]

*CubeVoice: Twitter for stuff that’s even more boring than the stuff you write on Twitter. [Mashable]

*Flight of the Conchords brings the LOLz to its advertising campaign.

*The start-up story. The verdict: ff you’re a music company, hire a music-obsessed team. [GigaOm]

*Prince is suing YouTube.

*Eleven reasons why Manu Chao is global pop’s most important star. 1) My 7-month-old loves “Bongo Bong.” The other 10 are here. [Largehearted Boy]

*Queens of the Stone Age (clad in Christmas sweaters) will be appearing on an upcoming Anthony Bourdain special. Bourdain’s the speaker at a thing the day job has going next month. [Peefork]