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Video: Sebastian Bach raps again

From Celebrity Rap Superstar, former Skid Row frontman Mr. Sebastian Bach continuing with his rapping.

I would like to thank YouTube user Cornholiobutt for his fine work and diligent efforts in uploading the clip.

Video: a hand-crank gramophone playing

It is quite SOOTHING.

Video: Mashing up Peaches and Barney Fife

A YouTube mashup: “*uck the Mayberry Away.” Containing, of course, VERY NSFW language. [Metafilter]

Links for 9.16.07: lost hip-hop, found love songs, fakesters + more

*Mashable offers up the 20 best music applications for Facebook.

*The New York Times tells the story of Top Shelf 8/8/88, a long-lost 1980s hip-hop tape that is either real or fake. [Daily Swarm]

*Hublog lets users explore and compare musical artists’ relative popularity in different countries, infographic style. [mediaeater]

*The ultimate Magnetic Fields “69 Love Songs” online companion. [largehearted boy]

*Online Fandom on fakesters and Facebook.

*Is MTV working on its own social network? It seems like a lot of social networks exist (and that I have an empty husk of an account on 90% of them.)

Video: Trailer for “Juno”