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Welllllll, hellllllo there. From the Unusual Instruments’ Music Videos blog comes this little gem – a somewhat mind-numbing performance on a laser harp. YES. A LASER. FRICKIN’. HARP.

Also: you have to wear gloves to play one. Like you had to with the bells in elementary school. [Metafilter]

Video: More word jazz – “Thousand Bing Bangs”

Word jazz (do not call it nerd jazz): Ken Nordine does “Thousand Bing Bangs.”

Warning: Scary light faces are contained herein.

Video: Flight of the Conchords meets Footloose

I like that the energy drink at the beginning is bright pink.

Local music/journalism: Taps for Reveille Writer


One-time Minneapolis music critic Tom Hallett (protagonist of THIS mini music blog drama from awhile back) has left startup pub Reveille and begun blogging.

Now THAT is a blog post. (Scroll! Don’t read, just scroll.) [MnSpeak]

Links plus ultra: SpiralFrog, Bridwell’s beard, wusses + more

*Free, ad-supported music service SpiralFrog finally launches, after much pain. [AdAge]

*LAist once again brings the hate down on BEARDS. This time, surly, camera-hating, Wal-mart loving Band of Horses front man Ben Bridwell is the target of their ill-placed ire.

*Blender calls out music’s 25 Biggest Wusses. I don’t know, man. Natalie Merchant seems kind of grimly tough.

*Concerts in Second Life suck. Especially if you have to sit through a set by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

Video: Machinima-inspired Brazilian pop video

Babado Novo! Actually, the music is quite boring. Also, the machinima version doesn’t seem like the Second Life we’ve read so much about.

[Second Life Insider]

Links for 9.17.07: Carbon offsetting, the Zwinky economy + more

*A Guardian blog comments on carbon offsetting as an option for touring bands who want to be eco-friendly. There’s also the biodiesel bus option. Or just stay home.

*Zwinky has been kicking ass. They have 4.6 million active users, and the kiddie gaming environment has just introduced Zbucks, virtual currency that players can buy with real money. Also, strangely enough, despite only ONE previous mention on this site, a ton of people searching for Zwinky stuff get sent here. Maybe it’s just poor pre-teen search skills? [TechCrunch]

*eMusic is pushing into audiobooks.

*The Future of Music Policy Summit starts today in Washington, DC.

*Why is this still just a concept? The CD playing sneaker. [Crave]

*For your dining pleasure: Flight of the Conchords lasagna. [Pop Candy]

*Kanye leads 50. Chesney takes up the rear.